ke the OHHS Digital Filmmaking classes, the Wildcat TV Productions class concentrates on producing “shows.” They may be news shows or talk shows or dramatic shows or music shows or just about anything else. In many cases, students work on video they can produce “live.” As a result, they need to plan ahead, practice and prepare material ahead of time so the broadcast can be successful.

Wildcat TV Productions is a year-long class. This gives students a chance to build strong teams, get comfortable with equipment, experiment with a wide variety of crew and talent positions, hone their skills and try several show concepts and styles.

You don’t have to be an on-camera performer to be part of the crew. There are many jobs including sound mixer, teleprompter operator, writer, reporter, camera person, editor, switcher, show director, floor director, lighting tech, graphics designer or artist. Students are asked to try many jobs to see what works best for them.


Broadcasting vs Filmmaking


“We are very lucky at OHHS to have access to our own TV channel that broadcasts all over Whidbey Island. 

It gives us a bigger audience than just the few of us in the classroom. 

It means we have many more people to please with our programming and that is a good thing.”

-- Mr. Douthitt