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Senior Yearbook Info

Yearbook Info for Seniors

Submission Deadline: Friday, November 3, 2023

This deadline is for:

  • 2024 Senior Portraits
  • 2024 Senior Ads
  • 2024 Senior Baby Photos
  • Photos of Senior Rides

Senior Portraits

Submit Senior Portrait

Each yearbook has a section that features students of all grades with a portrait. Seniors have the option to submit a portrait that is not taken by the school photographer. This is not mandatory. If you would like to submit a portrait of your senior to use in the yearbook in-lieu-of the school portrait, it needs to be submitted by the deadline. The photo does not need to be taken by a professional photographer, a photo from a quality camera is accepted.

Please keep in mind that the portrait will be printed about 1 ½ x 2 inches big and needs to have a resolution of 300 dpi to show up clear once printed. We recommend that you submit a photograph that shows you from the waist up and is portrait-oriented (i.e. vertical). If the submitted photo doesn't show the student up close, the photo will be cropped. 

Clothing needs to adhere to Oak Harbor High School’s dress code. We do not accept photos that are too revealing. Selfies, use of sunglasses, use of props (incl. pets), hand gestures, or goofy pictures will not be accepted. Photos need to be of the student only, easily identifiable, and well-exposed (not too light or too dark). Senior portraits that do not meet these standards will not be accepted by the yearbook committee.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call the Yearbook Adviser Mrs. Jansen at 360.279.5811.

Senior Ads

Families have the opportunity to purchase space dedicated to their student on a page near the back of the yearbook. It’s a way of making the yearbook personal to each senior. The ads provide a wonderful opportunity for families to congratulate seniors while reliving cherished moments through childhood photos and memories. 

How do I create and submit the ad?

Senior ads will be created, paid for, and submitted online through our Yearbook Publisher Walsworth. Payment is not available through Skyward, cash, or check.

Instructions to Submit Senior Ads

Which sizes are available?

  • $200 Full Page (8.67 in x 11.67 in)
  • $100 Half Page (8.67 in x 5.84 in)
  • $50 Quarter Page (4.34 in x 5.84 in)
  • $25 Eight Page (4.34 in x 2.92 in)

How much text can I write?

It's up to you how many words you use. Just don't make the font size too small to read. Advice: Keep the body text size between 9 and 14 pts. For the headline, use size 20 or 24 pt. Make sure to add the student's name somewhere prominent on the ad!

How many photos can I use?

It's up to you how many photos you use. Just don't make the images too small to recognize your student.

Senior Baby Photos

We reserve a section of the yearbook to display darling childhood photos of seniors. Submitting a Senior Baby Photo is OPTIONAL and free of charge. A baby photo should show the senior student only. Please don't include other people in the photo.

Submit Your Baby Photo

If you do not have an electronic copy of the photo, you can do one of these two things:

  1. You can scan or photograph your paper copy. Please follow these guidelines: Please make sure you have a lot of lights on so the quality of the photo turns out well. Place the photo on a flat surface. Make sure there's no visible reflections in the photo. If your photo is of bad quality, we will not display it in the yearbook.
  2. You can mail your paper copy to the high school or place it in the dropbox inside the Front Office and we can scan it for you. Please place the photo in an envelope to protect it and address it to OHHS Yearbook. Please include a stamped return envelope with your name and address so we can mail it back to you. Make sure to include the student name (so we can identify the student) and a phone number in case we need to contact you.

Photos of Senior Rides

Do you want everyone to remember how cool your car was in high school, or maybe you just want proof that you had a set of wheels as a Senior? Share a photo of your ride with us! 

Submit Your Ride

The yearbook staff will review all photos & determine the final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.