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Wildcat Booster Club

Wildcat Booster Club

The Wildcat Booster Club is made up of volunteers in the local community to support our student-athletes. The club provides funds to interscholastic athletic programs for projects and activities that assist the athletes, coaches, and fans.

Wildcat Booster Club initiatives

  • Promote interest, enthusiasm, and spirit in athletics programs.
  • Provide athletic equipment and uniforms.
  • Assist coaches with professional development opportunities at coaching clinics.
  • Provide college scholarship awards to 2 deserving seniors every year.
  • Recognize school teams with record boards and the Hall of Fame.
  • Run the concession stands at sporting events in the gym and Wildcat Memorial Stadium.


Regular Membership is $25 per school year.

Gold Membership is $100 per school year and entitles the member to a plaque in the gymnasium.

Booster Dollar Contributions

2017 Screens for Gym
2012 Scoreboards for Gym $40,000
2010 Gym Curtain  $23,500
2009 Adjustable Basketball Backboards for Youth Clinics $1,300
2009 Wrestling Mat  $3,000
2008-9 Equipment and Weights for Weight Room  $6,250
2011-12  84 Hardship Scholarships $7,475
2010-11  57 Hardship Scholarships $5,240
Coaching Clinics  $875
Yearly funds for 16 athletic teams $10,125
Provide yearly College Scholarships to 2-4 deserving Senior Athletes $2,000



Booster Website

High School Athletic Office
Booster Contact
Trina Coe


Aside from joining as a member, another very important way you can help is by volunteering your time to assist with running the concession stand at events.

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