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Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Programs

College Dual Credit

College Dual Credit (CDC) is available for the courses noted below with “YES” via registration on the Washington Tech Prep Statewide Enrollment and Reporting System (SERS) website. Students will stay on the Oak Harbor High School campus and earn college credit for Skagit Valley College courses upon completion of the high school course with a grade of “B” or better. There are no college tuition costs charged to the student, however, there may be a cost incurred for college transcript copies. Please note that vocational credits may not transfer to four-year institutions or other colleges outside of Washington’s community and technical college system. Students should consult with outside institutions concerning specific credit transfer and admissions requirements.

High School Dual Credit

High School Dual Credit (HSDC) courses satisfy two subject graduation requirements with one class. While two subject graduation requirements will be met, credit will only be awarded for one class. The additional needed credit will shift to an elective.

Wood Technology NO NO
Cabinetry & Woods NO NO
Construction NO CTE and Math
Geometry in Construction NO CTE and Geometry
Accounting I and II YES CTE and Math
Microsoft Academy I and II YES NO
Personal Finance NO CTE and Math
Teacher Assistant and Internship I and II NO NO
Work Preparation NO CTE and English
AP Computer Science NO CTE and Math or CTE and Science
AP Computer Principles NO CTE and Math or CTE and Science
Video Game Design I, II, III NO CTE and Math or CTE and Fine Arts
Human Body and Medical Internships YES CTE and Science
Sports Medicine and Internship YES CTE and Science
Food for Today NO NO
Baking & Pastry YES NO
Culinary Arts I, II III YES CTE and Fine Arts
Nutrition and Food Science NO CTE and Science
Designing a Guitar NO NO
Engineering YES CTE and Math
Advanced Engineering / Manufacturing YES CTE and Math
Manufacturing / Welding YES CTE and Math
Metal Fabrications YES CTE and Math
Technology Foundations I and II YES CTE and Math or CTE and Science
Fashion and Merchandise Marketing NO NO
Sports Entertainment & Marketing NO CTE and English
Start a Small Business NO NO
Marketing Management NO NO
Retail Management YES NO
Virtual Business DECA Competition NO NO
Leadership Development I NO NO
Leadership Development II NO NO
NJROTC 1, 2, 3, 4 NO CTE and PE
Drill Team NO CTE and Fine Arts
Robootics and Automation YES CTE and Science
Advanced Robotics YES CTE and Science
Basic Automotive Maintenance YES NO
Auto Suspension and Steering NO CTE and Math
Auto Transmissions and Drive Train NO CTE and Math
Auto Electrical and HVAC NO CTE and Math
Auto Ignition and Engines NO CTE and Math
Motorcycle I and II NO CTE and Math
Basic Visual Communications NO NO
Filmmaking YES CTE and Fine Arts
Graphic Design NO CTE and Fine Arts
Photography NO CTE and Fine Arts
Photojournalism NO CTE and English
Wildcat TV Productions YES CTE and English
Yearbook Productions NO CTE and English
Professional Worksite Internships NO NO
Work Experience NO NO
Family Health NO CTE and Health