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Career Planning

Career Planning

Consider which career fields appeal to you and enroll in courses and programs offered at the high school that may help your career decision-making. By taking a relevant class, you will reaffirm your interest in the field and build upon your skills.  Make a list of the top ten things you want from your professional life; for example, would you prefer to work in a busy office or outdoors? Choose a career path that has a genuine interest for you and one that has longevity. Be informed, research job prospects, education requirements, and potential earning wage of your chosen field. If possible, try out an internship or job shadowing opportunity. Make an appointment with the college and career counselor to discuss your future.

Websites to Explore Post-High School Options

Research a Career

Attend a career panel at Oak Harbor High to learn more about careers from professionals in their field. Career panels are held several times during the school year with a focus on new careers each time.  


An apprentice learns a craft or trade through hands-on experience while working with a skilled employer. You can get on-the-job training through an apprenticeship program. 

Become an Apprentice

Need help with interviews, resumes, and more?

WorkSource is an excellent resource when seeking employment. They provide services for youths 16-21 years of age, including assistance with high school completion, career camps, work experience or on-the-job training, and vocational training scholarships.